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Fort Lax Hall of Fame Game Honors Skyhawk Greats


Erik Johnson and Pat McGrath may have been able to lead Fort Lewis to the MCLA National Championships in 2007 and 2008, but they couldn’t help the Fort Lax Alumni beat the 2013 Skyhawks lacrosse team.  The alumni lost 14-7 as their years of experience couldn’t outweigh their added pounds and rusty sticks on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Durango.  Everyone involved had a great time, as generations of Skyhawks lacrosse players from the 90’s, 2000’s and recent graduates competed against this year’s squad.  Even without a coach, the youngsters showed off their athleticism and team play throughout the game.  Sophomore midfielders Grant Arthurs and Alex Sowers led all scorers with 4 goals each, while freshman attackman Max Segal added 3 more.  The Alumni were led by Tom Ross’ 2 goals, while Hall of Famer Erik Johnson (the leading point scorer in Fort history) and wingman Chad Murphy (the leading goal scorer in Fort history) managed only 2 goals between them.  Rounding out the scoring for the Alumni were Tim Bates, Mike Hoffman, and Andy Murray.  Freshman goalie Chris Sowder proved outstanding in net for the Skyhawks, robbing multiple Alumni of scoring chances throughout the contest (including two point-blank stuffs of Fort Coach Daniel Riecks).  The game was physical, despite the friendly nature, as one thing the Alumni can still do well is hit.  The physical play didn’t do much to stop the Skyhawks from dominating on faceoffs, rides, and clears.

This was the second annual alumni game, but the first ever Fort Lewis Men’s Lacrosse Club Hall of Fame inductees.  Pat McGrath (2006-2009), Erik Johnson (2005-2010), and Marc Failer (1998-2001, Coach 2002-03), were the honorees this year.  Failer, and several other alums, could not attend the game due to the wedding of Fort Lax alum Tyler Zimmerman.  The Hall of Famers will be represented by a plaque that will be displayed in the Fort Lewis College Student Life Center, and will be added to every season.  Players are nominated, and voted for, through the Alumni section of the website.

Thanks to all of the fans and alumni who attended the game, you truly made this a day to remember.  A link to the photos from the game will be posted soon!

2012 Fort Lax 1st Annual Hall of Fame Game Rosters:

Skyhawks 2012-2013 Team Fort Lax Alumni Team
# Name Position Year # Name Position Year
4 Tom Rosenbaugh A Fr 1 Sean Claussen G 2010
5 Bradey Hall A So 2 Mike Hoffman M 2011
7 Chris Shoptaugh M, LSM Sr 4 Kevin Burns D 2009
8 Max Segal A Fr 5 Dan Riecks Coach 2010
9 Nick Jordan M So 6 Chad Murphy A 2008
10 Grant Arthurs M So 7 Brenden Trujillo M 2006
11 Drew Larson M Sr 10 Adam Allen M 2010
12 Chris Sowder G Fr 12 John Robinette Coach 2009
14 Alex Sowers M So 14 Pat McGrath F/O M 2009
16 Brooks Wilcox M So 15 Steve Matt D 2008
17 Michael Chase M Jr 16 Tom Ross A, M 2008
18 Tim Topper M, D So 17 Tim Bates M 2005
21 Garrett Hooper D, M Sr 20 Andy Murray M 90’s
22 Holden Randle A So 21 Cody Viereck A, G 2012
23 TJ Trump D So 23 Erik Johnson A 2010
27 Sam Anderson D So 24 Josh DeGuzman M 2012
29 Shaun Koenig D So 25 Mike Kelly D 2012
30 Aaron Blue M Sr 29 Brian Christopherson D 2009

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