The Class of 1986, lacrosse pioneers who established Fort Lewis Lacrosse as a modern club lacrosse program.

The Class of 1986  Fort Lewis Raiders Lacrosse- "Forefathers of Fort Lax"

The Class of 1986 Fort Lewis Raiders Lacrosse-“Forefathers of Fort Lax”

 Congratulations Fort Lax Hall of Fame

Class of 2016

Max Segal and Shaun Koenig joined the FLC Men’s Lacrosse Hall of Fame this year. Congratulations to two guys who deserve it. Your contributions to this program are felt everyday by the current players, the coaches, and the community.


Congratulations Fort Lax Hall of Fame

Class of 2013

Every year in October, ideally during Fort Lewis College Homecoming Weekend, we will hold our annual alumni game.  At this game we honor the greatest Skyhawks Lacrosse Players and Coaches of all-time.  This year’s hall of fame inductees:

Chad Murphy, the program’s career leader in goals

John Robinette, former head coach and current RMLC president

Hall of Fame Class of 2012

  • Pat McGrath, Team President and All-American Faceoff Specialist
  • Marc Failer, All-American Defenseman and Head Coach
  • Erik Johnson, All-American Attackman and Career Points Leader

The Fort Lewis College Men’s Lacrosse Club Hall of Fame plaque can be found on display in the FLC Student Life Center

This page will be used to recognize Fort Lax alumni who had prestigious careers at FLC, or left a lasting contribution to the program as a whole.  If you would like to nominate a player, or be invited to play in next year’s alumni game, please reply on the site or email me at

12 Responses to Alumni

  1. Marc Failer, Chad Murphy, Dan Riecks should be first inductees for the Alumni Hall of Fame

  2. John McConnell says:

    I cannot believe none of the original FLC players are included in the nomination. The 1986 Team should be inducted, if it weren’t for us, FLC Lacrosse would not have gotten off the ground. Specifically, Scott Menoher, through his dedication and hard work, FLC Lacrosse was funded as a club by the student body.

    • Ken Switzer says:

      I put in a vote for Chris Tilden from late ’80’s team. Powerhouse midfielder. Frank Magden, another strong midfielder of late ’80’s to early 90’s. I will second the Scott Menoher nomination as well.

  3. fortlax says:


    That is a great point. This is exactly why we started this page, so we can give credit to the guys who laid the foundation for this program. Thanks for the nominations!

  4. Billy says:

    Bob Berding? The heart of the skyhawks???

  5. Nails says:

    Pete Carrol made Marc Failer look foolish in practice if Marc gets in so should Pete

  6. Bobbyb says:

    How the F did Pat McGrath make this list before anyone else? I nominate J-Rob for his many years of service. I would also like to spearhead the “keep Stolley out” movement. Thanks for the support B-Do.

  7. TB Millennium says:

    I definitely think we should keep Stolley out. Berding should be in on sheer number of games played alone. What was it…. like 7 years?

  8. Sean says:

    Bob is long overdue for recognition of his FLC lax contribution, seriously how many guys can talk the RMLC into giving them another year of eligibility just to get him to leave them alone?

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