FLC Hangs Tough But Falls to UVU 11-3

On Saturday, April 16, FLC hosted the University of Utah on a perfect April day at Fort Lewis. With temperatures hovering around 70 degrees, a cloudless blue sky, green field, and the snow capped mountains in the background, the home fans were treated to a hard fought first half. UVU is a powerhouse team having lost in the MCLA Division 2 national championship last year. With UVU controlling the pace of the game with long possessions, UVU found the net 5 minutes into the first period for that quarter’s only goal. Kevin Harkey burned a hard low shot from 10 yards out to even the score at 1 each at the beginning of the second quarter. With a patient offense UVU tallied 3 more goals in the second quarter to end the first half up 4-1.

FLC was able to possess and control the ball more in the second half, but offensively was still unable to produce many quality scoring opportunities. Cullen Bilgrav initiated an electrifying play in the third quarter as he created a defensive turnover, gobbled up the ground ball, streaked the length of the field, and passed to Attackman Andrew Allsup who zinged the ball low past the UVU goalie. In the fourth quarter Kevin Harkey slipped one past the UVU keeper to score FLC’s third and last goal of the game. UVU won with a final score of 11-3.

FLC’s defense played a gritty first half allowing only 4 UVU goals. After adjusting their offense in the third quarter, UVU was able to penetrate FLC’s perimeter with well executed drives and passes to the offside crease. With only 18 players compared to UVU’s 29 players, the FLC middies did an excellent job of playing hard with little substitution time. Goalie Sean Claussen played his most spectacular game of the season, making 21 saves, 3 of which were 1 on 1 attempts by UVU.

The Hawks host the University of New Mexico, next Friday at 7 PM, and then host the University of Northern Colorado on Sunday at 11 AM to finish the regular season.

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